Monday, June 16, 2014



This is how I feel like my life has been lately...just "EH", because I haven't been able to create anything in the last few weeks.  And when I don't create, I'm not happy.  Why, you ask?  I'll tell you.

For those of you that didn't know, up until December, I had my dream job - I owned my own scrapbook and rubber stamp store in southeastern Wisconsin.  I got to create EVERY day!  And it was fun and I was happy!  And then it ended and I had to pack everything up and stuff was in three different locations and my house was jammed with stuff and I couldn't find ANYTHING!  So I didn't create and I was sad. 

Well, after months of not being able to find what I needed to create, I started going through all of those boxes and sorting things out. (I had four days to get out of my store :-( Things were a BIG mess and my husband was getting a little sick of not having "man land" anymore.) So, last week I had a HUGE craft sale and got rid of a lot of stuff.  But, I set up my garage almost like my store, so that people could easily shop and it put me into a big ole funk!  It was my dream job!! And I miss my customers, who became great friends, and a lot of them came to see me and I miss them even more! 

Right now, there is no art going on in my world and I'm feeling pretty blue.  So, please forgive me for not posting lately.  I'm going to push myself to create tomorrow and put a little "AH" in my world and hopefully yours, too!

Until then, have a crafty day!


  1. Sharon, I hope that clearing out your supplies gives you a renewed sense of creativity! Keep chipping away--it will come back! Thanks for stopping by my blog today...((hugs))

  2. Hey You!! I'm missing you and have been thinking of you and wondering where you're at! Come on back, my friend. Would love to hear from you. : ) Bev


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