Monday, June 16, 2014



This is how I feel like my life has been lately...just "EH", because I haven't been able to create anything in the last few weeks.  And when I don't create, I'm not happy.  Why, you ask?  I'll tell you.

For those of you that didn't know, up until December, I had my dream job - I owned my own scrapbook and rubber stamp store in southeastern Wisconsin.  I got to create EVERY day!  And it was fun and I was happy!  And then it ended and I had to pack everything up and stuff was in three different locations and my house was jammed with stuff and I couldn't find ANYTHING!  So I didn't create and I was sad. 

Well, after months of not being able to find what I needed to create, I started going through all of those boxes and sorting things out. (I had four days to get out of my store :-( Things were a BIG mess and my husband was getting a little sick of not having "man land" anymore.) So, last week I had a HUGE craft sale and got rid of a lot of stuff.  But, I set up my garage almost like my store, so that people could easily shop and it put me into a big ole funk!  It was my dream job!! And I miss my customers, who became great friends, and a lot of them came to see me and I miss them even more! 

Right now, there is no art going on in my world and I'm feeling pretty blue.  So, please forgive me for not posting lately.  I'm going to push myself to create tomorrow and put a little "AH" in my world and hopefully yours, too!

Until then, have a crafty day!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Where'd she go?

No, I haven't been on an exotic vacation - I WISH! I actually took a little paper free vacation.  Oh, I've still been crafting, just not with paper.  Gasp, right?
Over the weekend, we put up the gazebo on our deck and the cheesy toggles that hold the mosquito netting back had disintegrated! Seriously people, we just bought it last summer!  So, I could have just bought some more elastic and attached them back on, but I have like 100 rolls of ribbon in my craft room, surely something would match, right?  So there I was Saturday afternoon cutting and HAND SEWING pale yellow ribbon ties to the netting.  I do not sew, I try to avoid it if I can, but I couldn't resist fancying up the tie backs.  Will anyone notice?  Probably not and my husband definitely will not, but I will and the gazebo is my summer sanctuary so I did it and it's okay, not great, but it works.  I also hung my Moroccan inspired lights in the gazebo.  I wanted to do something different from last year and after about 3 hours and numerous times up and down the ladder, I decided on how to hang them, only to see a way cool "Chandelier"  made from a hula hoop and icicle lights on Pintrest later that night.  It's probably a good thing I couldn't find the hula hoop in the garage at 11:00pm or I would have been making one.  By Sunday night, I was still thinking of making one, but then I looked out at the deck to see it encased in a beautiful soft glow from the lights already hanging there and sighed.  It was just what I wanted!  Maybe next year for the "chandelier" (or next month or whenever I find that darn hula hoop, I know it's in there somewhere! ;-) )
The other thing I did was made some onesies for my beautiful new great nephew, who entered the world two weeks ago today.  Again, I DO NOT SEW, but hey, I didn't have to, because Hero Arts made some way cool iron on ties especially for baby clothes!  And here's the card that goes with the gift:
I made this card a few weeks ago.  I love when the card and gift coordinate.

Speaking of gifts...Check out the video that Stampin' Up! just put out on decorating packages.  I hope you get some ideas, I sure did!  Do you think it will be rude if I ask my non-crafty friends if I can have the ribbon back?!?!  Just kidding!  (or am I?)

I'll have another Stampin' Up! video for you tomorrow.  And Kelly and I are working on a video for you on Friday, using the skin tone Blendabilities. 

Plus check out my Facebook page for some special offers I have going on.

Until later....Have a crafty day!